You are blooming wonderful - Wildflower Greeting Card

You are blooming wonderful - Wildflower Greeting Card


This is a blooming wonderful card!


Our Sow Good range of greeting cards are incredibly tactile as well as being sustainable! Say goodbye to those commercial cards, say hello to Abercrombie Cumbes’ gorgeous range of seeded greeting cards.


Made from textile industry cotton waste, these airdried tree free cards are beautifully embedded with wildflower seeds. 


100% compostable, sustainable and when planted successfully, are the most wonderful gift.


Sow...give a gift that keeps on giving.


Product info:

- Greeting card front text: YOU ARE BLOOMING WONDERFUL

- Inside is blank

- Each card is hand cut but approximately A6 in size.

- Due to the nature of the cardstock these aren’t factory perfect and have perfectly imperfect wonky edging (which adds their whimsical feel and shown in the product images)

- 250gsm

- Biodegradable 

- Sustainably sourced

- Tree Free

- Posted 2nd Class Royal Mail

This card is SOW good! 

Find a lovely spot with natural light and a little warmth, tear the card and leave in 5mm water and wait for the sprouts! Once sprouting, pop into a pot with compost and keep them hydrated. Alternatively, soak in water for 24-48 hours, then transfer to a pot of compost.

Whilst we can’t guarantee 100% success, (nature can be fickle) it is a little bit of fun and wonderful when they do succeed! Sow…go on, tear the card into pieces and see what happens! Keep the compost hydrated but try not to overwater!