Crap Birthday Card - Made from Elephant Poo

Crap Birthday Card - Made from Elephant Poo


Looking for a crap birthday card? Step right up, we’ve got you covered...not literally, that’d be awkward even for us!


Our crap range is crafted from 180gsm card, hand made in India. This tree free cardstock is made using elephant dung and residual cotton fibres from the textile industry. The creation of the paper provides additional income and supports elephant sanctuaries that the dung is purchased from. So, enjoy a little chuckle and give yourself a little pat on the back (the hand kind, not cow) knowing that buying this is super eco-friendly and sustainable!


Product info:

- Greeting card front text: I HOPE YOUR BIRTHDAY ISN'T AS CRAP AS THIS CARD...

- Inside is blank

- Each card is hand cut but approximately A6 in size.

- Due to the nature of the cardstock these aren’t factory perfect and have perfectly imperfect wonky edging (which adds their whimsical feel and shown in the product images)

- 250gsm

- Biodegradable 

- Sustainably sourced

- Tree Free

- Posted 2nd Class Royal Mail