Caring for your goodies

Why is my item changing colour?

Metals react to their environment. It is just their nature. The chemical reactions can sometimes be slow or speedy. 

Copper and brass

These metals can be affected by the oils on your skin, the heat and the environment it is in. The reaction can create wonderfully aged patinas over time. Steel won't be affected as much and is much easier to maintain.

To clean brass and copper, we suggest using a brass and or/copper polish. You can usually pick these up in a supermarket, hardware store or they are readily available online. There are also many tried and tested 'green' ways to clean these metals if you want to cause less impact to the world, even ketchup can aid the cleaning process!

Stainless steel

Stainless steel usually requires minimal maintenance. You may find you never need to clean or buff these. Or perhaps you do fancy giving it a quick clean - I find brass and copper liquid polishes do a good job here too.

Silver jewellery

These can dull slightly from wear, again, it is just the affect of the environment and your own body chemistry.  

Sterling Silver is often referred to as 925 and is hallmarked as such around the world. This is because it is 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. We have our own sponsors mark and all silver items over 7.78g will be sent off for hallmarking, as per the legal requirements.

Many people do not realise that they can react to copper, even to such small percentage. It can sometimes cause green and dark shadows on the skin. This can be a general reaction or the metals reaction to skin creams, perfumes and toiletries.


We recommend that you do not wear silver jewellery whilst washing, exercising or other activiities which may cause chemical reactions. Make sure your skin is dry when putting on your piece and all creams and perfumes have been absorded. Try to remember to remove your jewellery before you go to sleep too.

By taking care of your jewellery it will increase it's life too. 

If I send my item back are you able to polish it for me?

It is possible that you can send me your item for a little clean and polish. This service is available for items purchased from Abercrombie Cumbes only. The small cost of the service is dependant on your item. You will also need to cover the postage to and from us. 

In most cases we are unable to remove scratches, dents and dinks from general wear and tear. If we can though...we will :)

Other care queries

If you have any questions regading the care of you item, please let me know.