Abercrombie Cumbes Funny Wedding Photo
Bengal x Ragdoll Black Cat
Frank the cat, funny cat face

Here we are!

Here we are, in all our glory! Swinging from a tree on our wedding day, as you do...

So who are Abercrombie Cumbes?


We are Collette and David Abercrombie Cumbes.


Collette - Craft addict who creates all the items you see with a love of all things shiny. Full of hairbrained ideas and lovely thoughts.


David - Full time supportive husband who puts up with my crafting addiction, crazy ideas and the man behind the name (it's his name, I pinched it and all its fabulousness). He also takes oodles of post to the post office when I can't and I'd be completely lost without him! 

We moved back home to Worcester in 2018 after spending the last few years loving the beach life in our little pink house by the sea in South Devon. We loved our life by the sea but it was time to return home to make memories with our family and enjoy time with Dave's mum, especially now as she has dementia. We are also mid renovation on our forever home so AC HQ is a very busy house!

How did Abercrombie Cumbes begin?

Abercrombie Cumbes was an idea inspired by sitting in a field back in 2013 at Glastonbury. It was a moment when I realised how unhappy I was in my 9-5. So, upon returning home, I quit my job and began making decisions wholly based on making our life a happier one.

I started on my happy journey by developing AC. To start with, I got hooked on painting furniture which was great but it started to take over our home. I did a mix of furniture and home decor. Soon enough bunting, furniture and all sorts of craft delights filled the house. 

It wasn't long before I decided to streamline my crafts and focus on my hand stamping skills. Bashing metals with a hammer proved to be a fantastic stress relieving activity with the added bonus of being really good at it! I'm pretty nifty with a jewellers saw too.

So, from that point onwards we've been doing what we love and what makes us happy, creating our personalised gifts using high quality British made materials. 

We have our hallmark and will continue to develop our silver jewellery and gift range!